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X Trillion director on The Guilty Feminist podcast

And it’s out! Listen here

It was so great to meet these hilarious and brilliant people to talk about #xtrillion (Apologies for the swearing! I was v excited to be 1) on stage 2) with these guys 3) talking about the film 4) doing all this AT THE BFI!).

The film is still in post but being released in Spring 2020. We’ve had great feedback and interest in it so we thought we’d tinker away on it just a little bit longer to make it that bit better. Can’t wait to share it with you.

2020 always seemed like a ridiculously futuristic year but it has a good ring to it (and a little je ne sais quoi of “💪💪💪💪”) so I think it a good year to release my first feature doc. 2019 has been pretty depressing. So here’s to a good year rammed full of good stuff (please, universe?), we’re all ready for change ⚡️⚡️⚡️ thank you @theguiltyfeminist and @alisonspittle🎄#women #microplastics#adventure #womeninstem#womeninfilm #thegreatpacificgarbagepatch #exxpedition PS: We still need a bit if funding to tie up a few ends so if you know of anyone with a little pot of money to help us finish our film, please get in touch!

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